SCA Steve Charlip, Architect


Residence ยทยทยท Martinez, CA
Manufacturer - Deck House
Built to last. Built fast. This is a unique one of a kind home designed by Stephen Charlip Architect, built in a factory and delivered to your site.
Your dream home at a fixed price. This unique wine country home was designed by Stephen Charlip Architect and manufactured in a factory, delivered to the site assembled.
Residence & Vineyard
Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg CA
Manufacturer - Acorn Homes
House Built In Factory
Architect designed custom homes that are factory built using eco-friendly materials. Pre-Fab homes save time, have no waste, use high quality materials and streamline the entire building process.
Truck Delivery
Trucks deliver this wine country Pre-Fab home.
House Assembly
A manufactured home can be built in a factory in three days. Once delivered to the site a weather tight shell can be completed in 2 weeks without any wasted materials.